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Nursery and Preschools

Bright Horizons Ely Day Nursery and Preschool

5 St Thomas' Pl, Ely CB7 4EX, UK – 01353 882040

The Lantern Goslings Pre-School

The Community Rooms, The Lantern Community School, Nene Rd, Ely CB6 2WJ, UK – 01353 659955

St Johns Pre-School

St John's Rd, Ely CB6 3BW, UK – 07814 788001

Primary and Secondary Schools

Highfield Ely Academy

Downham Rd, Ely CB6 1BD, UK – 01353 662085

by the looks of it it is better then the schools round thetford so thats good and 5 star it is fantastic.

It was ok I would go back if I could I'm to old now but send ur kids by Scott Goodyear Williamson

Ely St Johns School

St John's Rd, Ely CB6 3BW, UK – 01353 612780

My grandchildren go to this school and they love it here

Such a great school.

Ely College

Downham Rd, Ely CB6 2SH, UK – 01353 667763

I used to attend this college up untill November in year nine when I decided to move to another , not however due to the school conditions, but instead because I’m as travelling long distances every day. Particular teachers at this school would focus on one student instead of aiming there attention to the entire class. The senior tutor for Turing at my time there would pull me out of lessons and form for my ‘inappropriate’ uniform and would punish me for incidents that were not my fault. This particular teacher spent more time telling me my uniform was incorrect rather than actually doing her job and teaching, how does me wearing tighter trousers affect my learning, or by wearing shorter skirt?! I understand it is important to have a uniform in place in order to prevent bullying issues occuring, however the guide lines for the uniform (particularly the bottom half) do not fit the conditions of all students. It should be made optional to wear tighter or shorter uniform items. If you feel uncomfortable and still desire to wear more boot cut trousers, you do that but how is me wearing tighter ones going to effect you? It is also unfair as the trousers school recommended for me I was stil told of for as I have slightly chunkier legs meaning they were more slim fitting on me, I got punished for being fat, forcing students into baggy trousers is not going to encourage and motivate them to learn.. a school is meant to be a happy environment but it never was when trying to avoid ms branch. Some teachers know what there doing, but when someone can explain why mrs chiy is a employed staff member at Ely, then I’ll rate it higher x

This school has had very bad management in recent years but now it has started improving now CMAT's Mr Spencer is in charge I go to this college currently and yes there are some areas lacking improvement but the school is improving and I am looking forward for the changes, since I will still be here when all the major changes will come into place. Also how that it is 2017 I think like many others within the school community that the school is improving. But I disagree with many of the comments made this school has a bad reputation and I can understand why since I have been at the school since miss jenkinson dixs left and never has there been an incident like Harry Ayres said but most of all this school is doing so much work and quite frankly doing better than all the other schools in the area so cut this school some slack it is no where near as bad as it was.

Public & Preparatory Schools

King’s Ely School

Barton Rd, Ely CB7 4DB, UK – 01353 660700

This is an awesome school for kids to learn and find new ways to discover!

great smoking spot behind the tree

King's Ely International

Barton Rd, Ely CB7 4DB, UK – 01353 653900


15 The Gallery, Ely CB7 4DH, UK